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7 tips to speed up fat loss

seven tips to speed up fat loss

Seven tips to speed up fat loss I don’t like the idea of speeding up fat loss but that is just me.  I think there are times where it is necessary but I think people abuse the fast-forward button. I think people will abuse the tactics that it takes to …

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How to lose weight and keep it off

lose weight and keep it off

This article is all about how to lose weight and most importantly how to lose weight safely and keep it off for good so as an online trainer with well as a personal trainer sorry without 25 years experience because let’s be honest the internet didn’t really exist 25 years …

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Plan your sleep to get the dream body

plan your sleep to get dream body

Why it is important to get sufficient amount of sleep to get your dream body.  Now we are going to drag science, hormones and all kind of geeky stuff in this to support the theory but will still keep it simple enough for easy understanding. First of all let’s introduce …

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Get Dream Body in 20 minutes a day

dream body in 20 minutes a day

If you open up your most trustworthy search engine MR Google and search for the term “How to Lose Weight” you will find 1.5 million results. This is how much the world is obsessed with fitness fads that might encourage using kettle bells, resistance bands or dumbbells or simply following …

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How to maintain dream body fitness

maintain dream body fitness

Fitness world is concentrated on some major topics and that is how to lose weight, melt the extra fat and get lean body. Now that is pretty common because most people want to hear about it but the dilemma is that there is very less information on maintenance of a …

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