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seven tips to speed up fat loss

7 tips to speed up fat loss

Seven tips to speed up fat loss

I don’t like the idea of speeding up fat loss but that is just me.  I think there are times where it is necessary but I think people abuse the fast-forward button. I think people will abuse the tactics that it takes to lose weight fast. The reason why I don’t like the fast methods is because they’re not sustainable. But everyone wants things to happen fast I will be a hypocrite to say that I don’t like things to happen fast as well but I do understand the value of taking your time. But now that that’s out the way I am going to give you seven ways to speed up your weight loss even though I don’t want you and make sure you read the whole article because the last tip you probably wouldn’t even expect this to be on this list.

1: Workout Intensity:

The first way you can speed up your fat loss is to up the intensity of your workouts. I was at this 18 month Plateau that I was on so for 18 whole months in my journey I could not get my body fat below a certain percentage and it was the most frustrating thing of my life.  Like I am not even exaggerating I wanted to run my head to a wall because I was I thought I was doing everything right but I actually wasn’t so it was two reasons why I hate the plateau I am going to get to the point though I wasn’t tracking my food properly and secondly I wasn’t working out intense enough I had already been all my weight loss journey for two years my body was already used to the intensity that I was giving in the gym and I wasn’t progressing with the intensity.  I kind of was working at the same pace for the entire time I thought I was pushing but apparently I wasn’t. When I learned what pushing myself was really like you have to go a little bit harder in the gym cut down those rest times in between your sets because that alone is going to increase your intensity even if you don’t lift any extra weights when you’re doing your cardio do a little bit a more intense intervals. Or if you are doing hit go a little bit harder push yourself a little bit further outside your comfort zone because this is going to create a metabolic effect in your body that’s going to rev up the fat loss process so make sure that you’re giving 100% in the gym if you want to speed up your fat loss.


2: Cut on processed foods:

The second way to speed up your fat loss is to cut out processed foods. Or cut out more of the processed foods. I have processed foods in my diet protein powder those are that’s a processed food protein bars that’s a processed food there’s a lot of processed foods in a quote-unquote healthy diet your body functions better on as foods. If you cut back on any processed foods that you may have in your diet and you introduce more natural Whole Foods your body is going to like that better and it’s going to function better. Which means it will burn fat better.

3: Increase non gym activity:

The third way to speed up fat loss is to increase your non gym activity. What I mean by that is find ways outside of the gym to increase your activity level to burn calories. Whether that’s walking to work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking way in the back of the parking lot or  taking your dog for a longer walk. You can find little ways to increase your activity these little activity sessions the calorie burn from those sessions they add up.

4: Manipulate your macros:

The fourth way to speed up your fat loss and this includes people who are tracking their macros is to manipulate your macros. You just want to switch things up I know for me personally my body releases fat most when I’m going to have a higher fat and a medium carbohydrate diet. So switch things up increase your fats increase your carbohydrates lower your carbohydrates increase your protein just mess with your macros a little bit and often times this will speed up the processing.  In theory cutting carbohydrates does help with fat loss but don’t cut them too much I am going to just leave that there.

5: Fasting:

The fifth way that you can speed up your fat loss process is with fasting. Whether that is intermittent fasting daily or intermittent fasting whether that’s doing a 48-hour fast or 24-hour fast once or twice a month these sort of things help stimulate fat loss. I tried them personally they work for me try it out. Fasting is such a powerful tool.

6: Lift heavier weights:

The sixth way that you can speed up your fat loss is to lift weights. If you’re not currently lifting weights because some people just do cardio and if you are lifting weights lift heavier weights. Trust me it works lift heavier weights but make sure you’re doing it safely. If you’re in the beginning stages of your journey and you don’t have much weightlifting experience. I don’t want you to lift heavier weights ignore this tip if that’s you but if you have your form down pat and you know that you can go a little bit harder lift heavier weights. This will increase your fat loss trust me on this one.

7: Sleep more:

So the last tip to increase your fat loss is to sleep more there’s so many benefits to sleep when it comes to fat loss and when it comes to just life in general. But it helps regulate your hormones it helps your energy levels which allows you to go harder in the gym it helps your body regenerate so there’s Analysts benefits to fat loss and I’ve had clients that were doing everything right their nutrition was on point they were working out hard in the gym but they were lacking sleep and their body would not release the body fat so make sure you’re sleeping.  And if you’re sleeping 6 hours to 7 hours and you you’re like I want to lose more fat try to sleep 9 hours.  If you can I can’t do that but if you can it will help trust me.