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dream body in 20 minutes a day

Get Dream Body in 20 minutes a day

If you open up your most trustworthy search engine MR Google and search for the term “How to Lose Weight” you will find 1.5 million results. This is how much the world is obsessed with fitness fads that might encourage using kettle bells, resistance bands or dumbbells or simply following a diet plan which might lead to avoiding the carbohydrates that are good for the body. No matter what these fads claim the basic fact remains which is that you will have to burn more calories than you consume in a day to lose weight. It’s pretty basic formula that has stood the test of the time and is still valid despite of a lot of new research and trend reversals. The saying that abs are made in kitchen is not a fad it is a fact and the fitness freaks admit it.
Math might be confusing and daunting to some but the formula to losing weight is very simple. It’s a general fact that one pound of fat is composed of about 3500 calories. If you want to lose one pound in a week then simple math is that you will have to burn 500 more calories than you consume every day. This way you can lose 3500 calories in a week and should be able to lose 1 pound. Now there is a term safe weight loss in order to lose weight safely you will have to make sure that you don’t burn more than 7000 calories than the intake in a week. As long as you maintain this rule you should lose 2 pounds in a week. Breaking this rule and the diet programs promising greater weight loss can be dangerous for overall heath. To maintain a general health 30 minutes of exercise is required 5 to 7 times a week depending in the physique and lifestyle. For weight loss the recommended amount of exercise is 60 minutes a day.
Now is it possible to attain a dream body by exercising 20 minutes a day the simple answer is No it is there just to encourage the readers who have serious problems in considering fitness as their lifestyle. If you want long term fitness then you will have to adopt fitness as a lifestyle and 20 minutes are noting. The programs that promise similar claims are simply fads that either generate no results or have a short term impact on the body. And after some time when the system that is used to all the fat fights back it falls short to take the body to the next level. The formula to attain a dream body is 60% diet 30% strength training and 10% aerobics and cardio. Some of the bodybuilders give more importance to diet and account it to 80% and exercise as 20% for the transformation.
Whatever you do the calorie formula is there to guide diet and exercise combined should use 3500 to 7000 more calories than consumed to lose weight in a healthy manner. If you lose weight in a healthy way then you can retain the physique for longer time interval and enjoy a fit body for life. Once you have lost the weight and achieved your dream body you can move to the phase of maintaining the new body. For that you can checkout our post that contains 3 golden rules to maintain the newly attained dream body.