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lose weight and keep it off

How to lose weight and keep it off

This article is all about how to lose weight and most importantly how to lose weight safely and keep it off for good so as an online trainer with well as a personal trainer sorry without 25 years experience because let’s be honest the internet didn’t really exist 25 years ago but I qualified back in the 90s so a long time ago so I know my stuff and I think that’s really important because there are so many crazy diets Fitness regimes that actually when you look at it who are they designed by they’re just clever internet marketers are making a fortune out of selling sorry crazy gimmicks and product so that’s why I think it’s really important you always understand where your training programs or your nutrition plans are coming from so let’s be honest there is no quick fix because if there was we wouldn’t have the crisis of obesity that we do but you know what the really exciting thing is it is not complicated and it is not hard to lose weight and get healthy if you do it the right way so that’s why I will need to post up this article because I think also a lot of the times people over complicate something then it seems like it’s a massive hurdle to jump and the fact is it isn’t really at all and I’m going to be showing you throughout this quick little article today some incredible before-and-after really proving my point so there are several things we need to do to lose weight and they are simply we need to move more we need to then also eat clean food we need to eat the right size portions and then the one that is the most important the one that everyone forgets about is about this up here it’s about determination discipline.

It is about setting routine creating a habit and if you apply all four of those things guess what the result is you lose weight it is as simple as that so let’s quickly talk about the exercise you know there are hundreds of different ways to exercise from dancing to badminton tennis to rowing to skipping to dancing to horse riding to skiing to roller skating it is simply finding something you enjoy once you find something you enjoy then you’re going to be doing it forever so find something you enjoy you know if you love walking then walking is a great exercise for you love jogging that’s great if you are a super busy man that literally only has five minutes for a day then look at doing something like one of my four-minute hip workouts there is always an exercise for everyone even if you are someone say who can’t walk say that you are wheelchair-bound then I even have workouts for you guys there really is a way that we can all keep healthy and exercise so and the key thing is don’t do like so many people like me yeah we’ll think oh my goodness okay I’ve got to go and start going to the gym so they go there pay a ridiculous amount of money to belong to a gym and they might go two or three weeks and then they stop going so if the gym wasn’t few then there is no point doing it because you will not stick to it and also there is no point doing a really intense workout plan that is going to do that you’ve got to do 45 minutes or an hour and it’s really tough and you feel sick at the end of it and you’ve got to use equipment or you’ve got to go to the gym and follow it.  It is fine if you love doing that and you’ve got the time then it’s perfect for you if it becomes hard to do to fit in and you don’t enjoy it then you are not going to stick to it and that’s why it’s so important you have to really analyze the workouts that you are doing because it can’t just be for six weeks and then stop.

We have got to maintain this so definitely invest your time and think you know what do I enjoy doing for me personally I like to just be able to do a quick workout at home so I can be wearing these Scruffy clothes I can wear leggings with holes all over them no makeup on literally train their sports bras scruffy t-shirt because no one’s going to see me and then I can just do it at a time that suits me if I have got half an hour spare then I might think great I’m going to do a quick 10-minute workout in my front row and that works for me and I know I can do that ongoing every single day I have also do it. When I’m away either go away but if I was to then if I’m staying in a hotel I can just go online and do that so that works for me you know I also really love walking so come the summer and spring then I might just think well through those seasons I’m going to be ready doing a lot more doing the walking so I think key thing is really don’t just assume you’ve got to do one style of workout think about what you’d like okay so that’s the first one that wasn’t quick. Next one is nutrition okay so food is the one thing we all have in common all over the world we are always going to be eating we need food . Because food is a medicine for our bodies we do not and this is really important to understand we do not make the vitamins we have to consume vitamins so you should look at your food choices as if you were going to I don’t know so you were going to the doctors and you weren’t particularly well and you’ve got a prescription you would come back you would really read those instructions on how to take that medicine we’ll do that with your food take time read the labels and if there are a load of words that you don’t understand with numbers in front that are artificial that are chemicals then put it back on the aisle don’t buy it look after your health instead and just go on things like Pinterest. Find really healthy recipes you know focus on eating clean and that is literally just fruits vegetables.

We know it it’s not rocket science there’s nothing groundbreaking that I’m saying it is just going back to basics you know the more hold the food is the better it is for you where we’ve started having problems in the 20th century with obesity and disease is because we are eating rubbish we are eating way too much sugar we are eating processed food strip that way then we go back to basics and then we get back to good health as simple as that and there are really delicious foods to eat when you eat clean oh my goodness everything tastes so much nicer don’t forget about herbs and spices then the next one is a let’s talk portion okay everything is large but not any large now it is like triple large what is beyond triple large but whatever is everything is super big let’s just go back to ordering small portions because guess what the small portions we have now are what ten years ago would have been super large so I think that’s really important we think of everything as all that’s good value for money because it’s like a really massive cup of coffee but actually do you really need to consume that much milk and even though it might be cheaper per hundred mils than buying a small actually that’s still way too much so go back and look at portion control and I think that’s so important it can literally save you two to three hundred calories a day if you are eating the right sized portions add that up over week then over year I mean we’re talking thousands so really be smart on your portions and then the final one discipline determination double d’s than my favorite and you know what this applies to everything if we have the right mindset if you believe and if you were determined to do something you will do it no one will stop you and that is so important when it comes to losing weight and being healthy make it a must that you do workout that you do eat the right foods that you do have the right size portions and a really funny thing um yesterday when I went out shopping. I was looking deliberately for this video and did a lot of research and they had like these weight loss slimming tablets and when you rub the back of them it said you must take this and you must do it alongside having a healthy eating plan and working out regularly and I’m like oh my goodness if you do those two things anyway you don’t need those slimming pills because you’re going to lose weight but they know that if you do those two things you lose weight and you think hallelujah it’s because these tablets is nothing to do with those tablets and so anyway as a trainer I’m so passionate about it.

I am so passionate this time of the year because everyone is like on a real health kick after the festive season and they fall for so many of these crazy ad it’s claiming this claiming that the fact is you don’t need anything you can do it on your own 100% just move more eat healthy clean food strip back the sugar get the right sized portions totally believe you can do it because I know you can and just set that determination and discipline simple as that so there we are and also exercise wise you guys will know I have got it all covered from indoor running outdoor walking workout servers literally everything.