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maintain dream body fitness

How to maintain dream body fitness

Fitness world is concentrated on some major topics and that is how to lose weight, melt the extra fat and get lean body. Now that is pretty common because most people want to hear about it but the dilemma is that there is very less information on maintenance of a dream body. Now there is too much information and people are confused as which program they should follow to get the fastest results to achieve a dream body. People want a simple easy to follow plan that takes them from A to Z to attain a dream body. Once you have achieved the goal by following a strict program that shredded all the fat and built up muscular body then if you follow the same routine in the long run then it will not be healthy and will become harder to maintain. Today we will share three golden rules that you can follow to maintain a dream body and make it your lifestyle so once you have achieved the goal you adopt your lifestyle to embrace the maintenance routine to enjoy the dream body for life.
Mode Transfer:
In normal circumstances when you set a goal. You will do research, find a program that suits you and follow it to achieve the goal. Once you have achieved it then its celebration time but next steps are missing. Most people adopt the fear of losing the dream body that they have sculptured with great discipline, strict diet and fitness routine. So they continue with their extreme diet and exercise routine which was for the transformation phase to achieve the goal. They must move on to the next phase which is to maintain the dream body instead of sticking to the phase which was to achieve the dream body. After achieving the goal being stuck in the transformation phase is very difficult and unhealthy for the body in the long run so either you get tired of the strict diet and routine and tend to leave it altogether or do it too much to upset the body in the long run. In both cases because of the missing information the maintenance mode never kicks in and at the end results in hurting all the hard work done to achieve the dream body. You should be willing to shift from goal oriented routine and diet to maintenance style diet and exercise routine to maintain a good looking and healthy body I the long run. Strict and hardcore programs produce quick results but the bottom line is that they are not suitable and intended for long term. You cannot expect yourself to maintain an extreme level of focus and hardcore routine for longer time. This doesn’t mean that you cannot set new goals for your body but the point is that you will need to shift yourself from goal mode to maintenance mode and then keep a healthy diet for your body that can be followed for long term and set new goals and move on to the next phase of your transformation.
Accept the Ups and Downs of Life:
Now you will ask yourself why you wanted a dream body. Well it makes you strong, happy, optimistic, empowered and confident. It impacts on your life in a majority of ways. You look superior, feel great, confident, happy and satisfied once you have achieved your dream body. Once you have achieved the goal the sense of satisfaction and confidence boost adds up and changes you life in best possible way. After you have achieved the goal and got the dream body now it’s time to accept that you will not always be at your best now matter how hard you try there will be days when you will be down and there will be days when you will be pumped up to do whatever it takes to get the job done. So take it easy and go with the flow and stop taking tension if it’s a day when you are not at your best. It’s okay because this is the magic of maintenance. You can enjoy the ups and downs in the maintenance mode because it is not the goal mode in which you have to stick to a hardcore diet and exercise plan.
Let’s say if your dream body is a straight line now it is okay if it is not a straight line but a little zigzag that maintains a center point then its fine as it will maintain that desired position for the long run. You will have to adapt to the ups and downs of your life to enjoy life and maintain the fit body at the same time.
Adopt a tension free attitude:
If you do some research and find common things in people who have maintained a fit body you will notice a tension free attitude. If you ask someone about their fitness routine and they answer it is very hard to follow then in the long run you might see that they will lose their achievements because if they admit it is a hard routine at some time they will give up and end up losing what they have achieved. After a goal is achieved its very important to move on to a tension free maintenance mode which is easy to follow in the long run to maintain the achievement. On the other hand if you ask someone who has maintained a dream body for a long run they will just say that they just do it. They have made up their mind and eased up on their body and routine when they achieved their fitness goal and moved on to the maintenance mode which is easy to follow for long term. Additionally they have maintained a tension free attitude for the ups and downs of life. After you have achieved your dream body you will have to adopt and make the maintenance routine your lifestyle which will help you retain your dream body for life.
I hope you have found this useful and learned something useful. Be happy, train hard and keep up the good work by maintaining it and adopting it as your lifestyle.