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plan your sleep to get dream body

Plan your sleep to get the dream body

Why it is important to get sufficient amount of sleep to get your dream body.  Now we are going to drag science, hormones and all kind of geeky stuff in this to support the theory but will still keep it simple enough for easy understanding. First of all let’s introduce a hormone that tells the brain that we are full and it’s time to stop eating. This hormone is called Leptin. Now if we don’t get enough sleep then this hormone gets disturbed and we tend to get hungrier and disturb the diet.  The brain doesn’t get the signal that we are full and should stop eating instead it triggers more hunger. When disturbed the food choices tend to be bad as well and it takes a double toll on the body and overall fitness progress. Other things that affect this hormone are emotional stress and caloric restriction. When you are stressed or you burn more calories than recommended for a healthy weight loss then this can happen. This is another reason why most of the hyped shredding plans don’t work. If you are losing too much weight in shorter intervals of time then it might be bad for health in long run or you might not be able to maintain a dream body once achieved.

Now there is a hormone called “Ghrelin” it’s the opposite of Leptin and it fuels hunger. Unfortunately the lack of sleep results in producing more amounts of Ghrelin so you want to eat more and at the same time are not satisfied because of lower levels of Leptin. So with less sleep you will eat more and won’t be satisfied so it’s hard to stop.  These two are pretty important reasons to get a good sleep. If you are still not convinced then let’s check another two reasons to back it up.

Growth hormone is very important as it is responsible for a lot of things in the body. This hormone initiates development and growth of the body. It is also responsible for cell regeneration and the ability of the body to heal. During the development of the body the weak muscles are broken and heal into stronger ones so then ability to heal quickly should aid in fast development of the body. The disturbance in this hormone can affect the progress towards your dream body. Deep sleep is good for growth hormone.

Cortisol is another hormone that plays its part in the equation. To make it simple it’s also called stress hormone. Increased level of stress hormone can lead to muscle loss and decreased bone formation and both of these are not good for your dream body. Overtraining can also cause excessive production of the stress hormone so it’s important to keep a balance in training and recovering the body.

Sleep might be the missing puzzle in your dream body plan, if you are missing it then I urge you to consider including it in your plan to sculpture your dream body.

So how much sleep do you really need well I know before reading most of you will know that 8 hours of sleep is recommended. Yes we have heard of it and we know it but we don’t give it the much deserved attention that it needs to complete a dream body plan. It is better to get eight hours sleep in a single stretch but if you cannot do it then try taking an hour of power nap in the afternoon to complete the eight hours necessary for the body to maintain healthy hormone levels which are essential in body development and maintenance.  Most people disregard sleep and tend to give more importance to diet and exercise in their plan. I hope after reading this you will consider it equally important in your goal to achieve a dream body.