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Boiled Egg Diet plan Lose 22 pounds in two weeks

In today’s article we will talk about how the boiled egg diet can help you

Lose 22 pounds in two weeks

Hey guys what’s going on today’s article comes to you from another question that I got asked I did an article a while back on the military diet and when I did the military diet article I was not familiar with it. I had to do a little research someone asked me about it. I started looking into it and the term military diet got me really interested because of the connection of being associated with the military. Which you know has its own distinctions so when I got asked about the boiled egg diet some red alarms went off immediately and so I am going to review kind of what the boiled egg diet is and then talk about how you might actually have an extreme amount of weight loss associated with undertaking this diet.  So first of all let’s talk about what makes a diet successful. When a person decides to get on a weight loss plan or a fat loss plan and they start a diet. If they believe that it’s going to get them extreme results then they are capable of sticking with it. When we don’t believe that something is going to work we are more likely to graze and eat off plan so sometimes just the name of a plan can inspire consistency.  It can inspire the individual to stick to something that they wouldn’t normally be able to do that is what I think is happening with those people that  I have seen report crazy results. You know I went online and started looking this up with the boiled egg diet unlike the military diet the boiled egg diet doesn’t claim that there are any magical properties associated with eggs but I still want it to look into it. I still looked it up and so I will put the numbers for you here.

For what you are actually getting so when it comes to fat loss losing an extreme amount of weight now I would say losing 20 pounds in two weeks is an extreme amount of weight loss so much that it can’t possibly all be body fat in fact I doubt most of it is so let’s talk about the mechanics of weight loss.  There are two different things at play here weight loss and fat loss for most of us that undertake a western-type diet we eat plenty of carbohydrates plenty of fat plenty of sodium and so what that does is it stores carbohydrates in our bodies in our muscle cells and carbohydrates by nature the name carbohydrate they are stored with water that water creates weight. However this is good weight if you are an athlete if you are lifting weights if you’re doing any type of activity this is going to be used as fuel when you move train perform whatever it is that you’re doing. When we reduce the carbohydrates the glycogen that is stored in the body we can see a crazy amount of weight drops.  But for some people that is the wrong kind of weight most people when they hear the term weight loss they associate it with fat loss. So I wanted to clear that upright now because I am going to explain why it is probably possible to see 20 pounds of weight loss in two weeks.  But it is not 20 pounds of fat loss. You will also see something very similar when people do a cleanse, okay so this diet that I saw and I will post it up here for you.


Breakfast: should start with two boiled eggs. Then eat one whole citrus fruit of your choosing.

Lunch: should consist of two sweet potatoes and two apples of your choosing.

Dinner: Should be one large plate of salad, tossed with chicken or a piece on the side.


Breakfast: should start with two boiled eggs, but you can change the citrus fruit.

Lunch: should have green vegetables, the darker the better, and a chicken salad.

Dinner: should be a vegetable salad. It should be paired with one orange and two boiled eggs.


Breakfast should start with two boiled eggs, and your favorite fruit.

Lunch should consist of your favorite low fat cheese and should be paired with 1 tomato and one piece of sweet potato.

Dinner should be a simple salad with a piece of chicken.


Breakfast should start with two boiled eggs, and your favorite fruit.

Lunch should be one whole fruit of your choosing.

Dinner is just a salad with steamed chicken.


Breakfast should be two boiled eggs and your favorite citrus fruit.

Lunch: should have half roast chicken breast, broccoli, and half citrus fruit of your choice. Example (grapefruit)

Dinner: It should contain one serving of fish and half citrus fruit.


I looked it up in several places and it seemed to be pretty consistent it was three meals the first meal was two hard-boiled eggs and some fruit. The second meal didn’t have any hard boil days. It was just fruit and bread and then the third meal was a piece of chicken and again some fruit or a salad. So it’s pretty consistent now when I punched those numbers in for the day it was less than 900 calories to 870. I tried to find high-calorie options like one of the salads I used was a Caesar salad.  So I tried to fill it up with as much calories as possible with in those three. Now for those of you that are not familiar with tracking your calories your diet 870 calories is pretty low. Now maybe not for some people who are very petite and don’t eat a lot but for those of us that are active 870 colors would be extremely low in fact I eat that in one meal sometimes. Now granted I eat with a very purpose I compete and bodybuilding and power lifting and I I lift weights and I chase my three-year-old around I’m very active so I don’t expect everyone to eat the calories that I eat on a given day. But still eight hundred and seventy calories are very low and beyond that the carbohydrates are very low for the day. So what does that mean that means that we are going to see a great reduction in the amount of fluids that are held in our body so for two weeks if you follow this diet depending on what your normal calorie intake is you will see some reduction in weight.

Probably some reduction in body fat now what goes along with jumping into a diet plan if I tell myself I want to lose some weight and I jump into a diet I might also start being a little more active start paying attention maybe I take the stairs maybe I park farther away from the grocery store.  Maybe I start taking some walks or just doing some things that are healthy this would also help with the weight loss associated with the boiled egg diet now the boiled egg diet that name I think it triggers something.  When you hear a phrase and then the word diet there’s an association between that food whether it be the citrus diet right or the military diet or whatever it is associated there’s something associated there that triggers and that’s what’s going to be successful and I feel this is what’s helping people with this diet.  Because if you eat 800 or so calories a day for two weeks straight you are likely to see a very aggressive drop in body weight and perhaps a little bit of body fat . And that’s not where my issue lies at the end of the day if you can be successful on a diet and get your weight down that’s great.  We do not have a weight loss problem we have a weight regain problem people every year are able to successfully lose hundreds pounds.

The problem is what happens so let me explain a little bit of the science behind weight loss and fat loss.  In your body you see when you take in fewer calories and you increase your activity your metabolism which is all the chemical processes that are happening in your body it adjusts it adjusts so that it becomes more efficient at storing calories. Okay it becomes more efficient at not burning calories it becomes more efficient in making sure you survive. So when you undertake these ultra low calorie diets I’ve even seen diets under 500 calories this is where our real issue lies because after several weeks or maybe you keep this up for a month or two months or three months or longer your metabolic rate has adapted to this very low calorie approach right. So what do you do when the boiled egg diet is over do you go back to your normal diet if you do you’re going to see rapid body fat regain and something we often see in the fitness community is body fat overshooting where your once set point for body fat has now been shot past and your maintenance for body fat has actually higher.  There’s a lot of reasons behind this I’m not going to get into the science it has to do with fat cells and fat cell size but the bottom line is you diet did all this weight off and now you’re heavier than when you started the plan.  Was it a successful diet I say no instead if you’re going to follow a diet like this learn to track your calories learn to track your macro-nutrients plug it in it literally took me one minute to plug it in to my fitness pal this entire diet and I figured out that was 870 calories.

So what do you do when the diet’s over well if you want to switch out foods learn to switch out whose but still stay within calorie range. Adding calories slowly each week I would say 50 calories a week so if you’re on 870 calories then next week maybe are on 920 calories but keep those calories in range even if you’re not just eating the boiled egg diet this is what I want to reiterate. I do not believe in diets that have a name.  I do I am a coach and I coach lots of people but I do not do not put people on a diet plan based on its name. Now I am not opposed to anything that is going to help people be successful. I just want to help enlighten and educate so people can understand more. Now just understanding what the mechanism is with the boiled egg diet ultra low calories low carbohydrates a lot of water weight lost right perhaps some body fat because you are eating so many so fewer calories and you were previously and you are able to stick to it consistently because psychologically you believe it’s going to work.

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