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Five foods that help lose fat

How is it going guys we are going to talk about 5 super foods to help you lose weight fast like what the hell is a super food?  So super food is basically any food that is very nutritionally dense to where you can get the most amounts of nutrients the most amount of healthy benefits antioxidants things like that in the least amount of food we were talking about this offset.  Where would someone consider like a banana super fruit because it’s a fruit but it’s confusing it it’s not like it’s unhealthy for you but we talked about it and the answer is “no” the reason why is because the Glycemic index is too high in a banana and so there are some characteristics about super foods that not only is really good for you and health benefits but it’s going to help you lose weight fast so what would you say if we had to go through like all the characteristics of all the foods on here. I know dark leafy greens yeah they’re definitely good super foods always good to look for those dark leafy greens and you can see that everything’s very vibrant and color you know I mean look at the reds and the yellow and we even got blue so that means that there’s a lot of vitamins in the food and that is going to be what makes a super food so super is all the vitamins so look for that color yeah.

The first one on our list is Brussels sprouts and I had no idea honestly that Brussels sprout to come in you know isn’t that cool this is cool this is actually how they grow in nature it’s called a Brussels sprout. This is actually what you probably see Brussels sprouts looking like and most people overcook their Brussels sprouts and they turn into this like soggy gooey gunk that your grandmother tries to feed you honestly I never really liked Brussels sprouts I remember you told me about a really good way to cook Brussels sprouts oh yeah it’s delicious so what you want to do is you want to cut off the end and then cut it in half and then sauté it in coconut oil just sauté it until it gets that light crispy crunchy flavor and if you like spicy add some red pepper flakes yum so delicious you’re going to love eating Brussels and you are going to feel so great. Why is Brussels sprout considered a super food well Brussels sprouts are very high and a lot of the most important vitamins like vitamin C vitamin A vitamin K they are also a low inflammatory food so for us regular people it just cuts down your bloating being  being inflamed is actually a really big deal because bloating your puffy face a lot of times like you know how your hands kind of feel puffy like it’s holding a lot of water oh yeah I hate that my rings get stuck if I eat foods that make me all puffy and I can see it everywhere by eating a food like Brussels sprouts not only are you able to lose weight but right off the back it lowers your inflammation which basically calls you that literally lose inches everywhere in your face your arms your stomach because of your not bloating yeah that’s kind of replace like the first step with losing weight and you’re able to see the results really quickly because it can really literally happen within waiting like days before bloating this goes down.

Oh absolutely eating healthy natural foods that could lower your inflammation you can see it in like two or three days so Brussels sprouts really great for that so another great super food are blueberries yes unlike the process here blueberries tastes sweet but they are low on the Glycemic index and that means that they do not spike your blood sugar which causes fat storage so if you’re creating something sweet it’s a great idea to just eat a couple blueberries and because they’re very high in antioxidants it also helps reduce the signs of aging it’s good for everybody.

Everyone wants to look younger right another really great Super food and you can see that they are really high and that beautiful blue color.

Next on our list are almonds. Almonds are probably the most popular type of nuts and most highly recommended of nuts to eat for healthy fats its high in fiber and the favorite thing about almonds in my opinion is its very crunchy and I substitute for any type of crunchy. Like crunchy crackers you have like chips candy bars anything that’s crunchy because it tastes good but a lot of times I don’t know for me I just like to have like a different taste that means maybe crunchy somebody need to be sweet some people that’s the salt yeah you need to crunch you know that’s a lot of times what people are craving for those chips and those junk foods so just getting a handful of almonds and my personal favorite recipe is combining the almonds with the blueberries it tastes like a blueberry pie Yum so delicious.

So what we have here is regular whole almonds. Roasted almonds come in different flavors the seasonings what’s your take on some of the other tastes of almonds other types yeah so I do not have put any chemicals in my code because once you put those chemicals it is no longer a super food.  You want to eat the whole natural almonds if you’re adding on flavors and chemicals and salt then It’s no longer a super food ideally you want to eat it raw so this way I like on dress says it’s true so you don’t get any other stuff that’s not good for you but honestly it is still better than chips oh absolutely you know you could make your own seasonings so at least that way you know that its chemical free Preservative free and if you’re looking to decrease your salt intake then you could also regulate the salt because a lot of those canned almonds are just full of all these artificial flavors and really salty. One thing I like to do with the almonds is that I like to put it into my meals as a way to number one makes the middles kind of crunchy no matter what it is but also gives it nice bats in the meals and a lot of times it kind of it kind of season it a little bit that’s why sometimes I use a seasoned almonds it’s kind of like a seasoning for me whatever makes you eat those foods like that’s the most important thing right and you are actually going to eat way less of them. Have you ever noticed that just a handful of almonds are so satisfying instead of like an entire bag of chips because you just keep eating and eating because you never get the nutrients so the idea here guys is making sure that you find the right foods to eat like these super foods but making it so this way it’s enjoyable and these are just really great ideas to build incorporate into your regular meals to help you stay healthy and lose weight really quickly by eating all of these nutrition and dense foods.

Our next super food is kale it’s this beautiful leafy green mask we have got right here I love kale I’ve noticed that it really increases my mood and it turns out that it’s got vitamins and minerals that actually do increase your serotonin which is that feel-good hormone and if you’re not making enough serotonin see are you getting happier every bite if you’re not making enough serotonin you’re not going to feel good so you’re going to be creaming sugary fattening foods so kale is a super food because it also increases your serotonin makes you feel great and then decreases your cravings for all that junk food serotonin is a hormone in your body that makes you feel good and a lot of people get especially women when it comes to eating chocolate and that’s why you guys crave chocolate you are ever wondering it’s not actually the chocolate but it’s that hormone that gets released when you eat foods like chocolate so if you want to look at it one hand you have you know a Hershey’s bar which sounds really nice and it’s very satisfying and my mouth is watering but it’s not going to help you lose weight nope on the other hand you have kale now it may not look like a chocolate bar but I promise if you do eat it you will release the same hormones and it’s going to have a lot better effect in your body clean up.  You are by the antioxidants the fiber and most importantly to help you lose weight yeah and sauté it with garlic and olive oil it tastes delicious yeah you don’t have to stop eating a chocolate you can just replace some of your chocolate cravings in the tail.

Alright the last one our list is Bok Choy’s how is Bok Choy super food well Bok Choy is amazing because it has over 70 antioxidants and antioxidants are those vitamins that actually stop the DNA of your cells from breaking down and it’s the DNA breaking down which causes immature aging so Bok Choy is literally youth in a bottle. You eat it you have got antioxidants you feel great and you look very young. I’ve been eating Bok Choy since I was a kid because it’s like a very popular vegetable in Asian culture so you ever heard that you ever heard of the yeah the phrase Asian Stone Age I have heard that is this the secret of this way I don’t know because they also say black don’t crack so I don’t know but you know what my mom cooks us all the time and unlike Brussels sprouts personally for me I actually love the way Bok Choy tastes yeah I think it tastes so delicious.

What is your favorite way to cook it? I usually mix it in with some needs or some other type of vegetable but it’s really easy to cook and it’s not a very big vegetable. I usually just cut off the ends and then crop it up into medium sized piece it doesn’t need to be very small and it breaks down very easily on it. A really interesting fact did you know that Bok Choy is the only vegetable in the cauliflower-like family that has omega-3 that’s right that’s interesting because usually only fun to make it threes usually in like fish right and they’re the healthy fats that actually keep you satisfied because you do need to eat fat one of the biggest myths about losing weight is that oh I’m not going to eat them but omega threes are so healthy for you and Bok Choy has them.

So guys let’s wrap it up number one was Brussels sprouts second was blueberry number three we have almonds number four we got kale and the last one is Bok Choy so remember to eat these food guys it’s going to help you stay healthy.  It is going to reduce your inflammation and most importantly though it’s going to lose weight it’s going to help you drop way super fast and you won’t have to worry about just hardcore dieting and things like that because you find a lot of healthy alternative ways to make all of these foods taste really good. We love super foods we eat super foods all day long and these are just five of our favorites so we encourage you to go find your favorite super foods and let us know what recipes you like to mix and match and just keep those super foods coming. The more you eat on the better you’re going to feel while you lose weight.

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