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Bosu Ball
Bosu Ball

Bosu Ball

Let’s talk about a new sensation in the fitness it’s the Bosu Ball. Most people don’t know about it and their first question is like “what does Bosu stand for?” A BOSU ball it’s basically a half ball but it has a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll or anything and it’s so versatile you can do a million different things on it. You can get an entire workout just with a it. It is really great because it works your core because almost everything you do on it you have to use your own core to stabilize yourself so there are things you can do where you’re standing on it with the base down and ball side up. You can go down on it and get back up this requires a good amount on stability and uses the core muscles so you are working your core muscles to do these exercises. You can flip is down and do pushups on it and then you can use it this way as well, stand on it and stabilize yourself and again do squat in a different way where you will have to stabilize your core muscles even more. The coolest thing is that it can be used from both sides and there are so many variations of exercises with just using Bosu ball. You can do pushups, mountain climbers, just stand on it and stabilize your body.

The list of different exercises that you can do using Bosu ball include

Bosu Ball leg exercises

Bosu ball core exercises

Bosu ball core exercises

Bosu ball balance exercises

Bosu ball squats

Bosu ball lower ab exercises

Bosu ball pushups

Some people also call it the Bosu training ball and Bosu Yoga ball.

You can do a variety of exercises with it from basic to advanced level. You will have to work your way up for some people the starting exercise might be just standing on it and stabilizing their body. Sometimes when beginners stand on it they are all shaking like crazy. That is because they don’t have those little muscles to stabilize themselves whereas for some who are accustomed to it can balance themselves easily on it. I love it because there are so many things that you can do with it. People who like to use their bodyweight to do exercises will love it as with just this Bosu ball you can do total body workouts without needing to touch any other equipment. The other thing that is so cool about it is that you have to stabilize yourself on it, whereas the machines are already stabilized and you just have to work with them. With it you are using your core muscles all the time and then there are a variety of exercises that you can do with it. So it’s used for overall muscles development with specially targeting the core muscles and stability of the body.

For example if you are using bicep curls on a it then you are using your entire body and not just your biceps. Another reason to like it that it’s so much fun and different people don’t want to stand on it and do bicep curls they don’t want to stand on it and do shoulder press.  They would like to sit on a machine and do shoulder press but on a Bosu ball you are doing different coordinated movements and you tend to forget that you are working out which makes it more fun and efficient.

According to an MMA fighter he uses Bosu ball to work out as it works on stability and during the fighting the fighter many times faces situations where they have to work their way in uncomfortable and off balance situations. For starting and stability he just starts out his workout with getting comfortable on the it and learning to balance on it with the ball side down. Then after some stabilization and getting comfortable on it he works out with different weights. He then uses a kettle bell and starts to move it around him using both hands and keeping the body balanced on the Bosu ball. Doing the exercise and not falling off it with speed variations and maintaining the balance of the body. Then he starts with basic kettle bell swing and maintains the balance on it. Again getting comfortable with it and trying different speed variations along with maintain a balanced body on the Bosu ball. The key to the exercise is maintaining the balance and not falling off. Then he starts doing pushups with the ball side down. After the push down on the way up he picks up the Bosu ball along with him and then on the way down uses the Bosu ball to stabilize and do an explosive push up. So basically grab the Bosu Ball and go down and on the way up keep Bosu ball in your hand and lift it up with you, on the way down place the Bosu ball down and then do a push down then on the way up again keep the Bosu ball in your hands to pick it up. This exercise is pretty explosive and works on multiple muscles.

Then there are some other exercises that you can do on the Bosu ball one of the ways to do warm up exercise is up and over, just jump over on it by placing the feet on it one by one and then go down on the floor. In this way do some quick rounds to get on and off the Bosu ball to get warmed up. The other exercise you can do with it is the burpee so just stand on the floor and go up then get down with your hands on the it kick out and come back in to complete the burpee. Another variation with the burpee is to flip the Bosu ball and place the ball side down then do the same burpee. This will add some difficulty to the exercise and will add some extra effort to stabilize your body when doing the burpee.  The next exercise is to place the it with the ball side down then stand on it with dumbbells in your hands and do the basic bicep curls. With 15 to 20 of bicep curls you should feel pretty good burn in both the arms and legs. The next exercise is to stand on the Bosu ball and do some squats with the dumbbells up just a bit above your shoulders. Again you can do this exercise with the balanced side of Bosu down or the ball side of the Bosu on the floor to add some difficulty level.  The next exercise is to get up on the bosu ball and do simple triceps curls try both variations with the ball side down or the balanced side down. The next exercise is to sit on the Bosu ball and then lift your feet and hands up and balance the body. Engage the abs to stabilize and work them with it, hold for as long as you can like 30, 45 to 60 seconds. This workout is specifically for working out abs using the Bosu ball. The other exercise that you can do with it is the side planks. Keep the ball side up take a position of the side plank and rest your arm on it then hold for as long as you can and then switch the side and do the side plank again with your arm resting on the Bosu ball.

Next you can sit down on it with the ball side up and do some leg raises with getting one leg up at a time and then you can stretch your arms and touch your feet of the raised leg. Another exercise is to place it with ball side up and stand just in front of it, then go down and sit on it and then place your hands and feet up in the air for 2 seconds then stand on the floor and repeat the process do some stabilizing sit ups on the it.

Bosu Ball

There are so many variations on exercises and its fun to workout with the Bosu ball. For the most part you can checkout youtube to get some great visuals and variations of the exercises used by different fitness experts.  You can get your Bosu ball from amazon, wallmart, ebay or from their official website.

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