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Build muscles naturally

Building muscles naturally needs following some definitive rules that have stood the test of time and are considered the Skeleton rules for triggering natural muscle growth. Strength is necessary to build muscles as you will need to lift heavy weights to trigger muscle growth. Lifting heavy weights doesn’t mean compromising on form when lifting weights. Only lifting heavy weights in proper form will trigger natural muscle growth.  If you cannot lift heavy weights then go for strength exercises and then you will be easily doing heavy weights with proper form. Most people try to get muscle growth by doing higher reps but this technique hardly works. Just the builders that are already strong or use supplements can build muscles by doing isolated exercises like flies and arm curls.

The builders that rely on natural ways to build muscles need to do more complex exercises like dead lift, row, bench and squat to generate muscles naturally.

For building muscles you will have to take in consideration some of the basic rules that should be followed to stimulate more muscular body.

Strength is size:

Train for strength first then you will be able to do complex exercises with proper form and heavy weights to trigger muscle growth. Only heavy weights with proper form will signal the brain to build more muscles.

Increase weights:

Increase weights on each set and try to do more than previous day and set. Lifting more weights will eventually make you stronger and help build a more muscular body.

Focus on complex exercises:

Exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time are better for muscular body development. Doing these exercises will also help you lift more weight which will help in muscle growth.

Concentrate on exercises like barbell rows, dead lifts, overhead presses and squats.

Use unattached weights:

Use weights that are not attached to the machines. This way you will have to balance the weights yourself which will increase the strength. Start with lighter weight and focus on proper form then add weights once proper form is perfected.

Amplify Frequency:

Increase muscle training frequency the more a muscle is trained it gets stronger and is triggered to grow. The more you train a muscle the heavier you can lift and become stronger.


Get plenty of food, water and rest to properly recover muscles to speed up muscle growth. Rest might be the most ignored part in the muscle growth journey, so do not ignore it and make sure to get proper rest to aid your muscle growth.

Eat properly:

Eat more and go for whole foods and avoid processed foods to get proper nutrition. Your body needs fuel for exercise and muscle growth if you cannot provide proper food to the body will get it from other sources which will result in muscle loss.

Keep it real:

It takes time to build muscles and you cannot look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in 5 to 6 months. Stop settings goals to look like superstars as unrealistic goals can increase frustration. Just focus on yourself and improve yourself and set some realistic goals so you can keep it positive.

Consistency Matters:

Be consistent in your approach and set short term and long term goals. Fulfill your short term muscle growth goals and keep in the mind the long term goals that will automatically be achieved if the short term goals are met consistently.

Everyone is different so get to know yourself as you train and maintain your body. Arnold Schwarzenegger broke some rules and tried different exercise variations to sculpture his body the way he wanted. It was only because he knew himself better than the rules and thus changed some rules and varied his exercises to get on top. Another thing that he admitted was that they tried to maintain a strict diet for so long and then eventually they broke and went for cheat meals for a day. Later on after research it was found that a cheat day can help in gains and keep you focused as well because a strict diet for longer period of time is not suitable at all. Enjoy life and embrace the good changes in your behavior, fitness, body and mind.