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Tips For Muscle Growth

Most of the gym goers are obsessed with just one thing and that is building muscle and doing it in shortest time possible. This is a dream of most of the fitness fanatics. About eighty percent of the guys in the gym are there do one thing and that is to build muscles. They ask for advice from senior and fit members but then most of the time they are found doing the same old things that are not good for building muscles. Some of the exercises, routines and diets are actually harmful to the muscle growth.


We have some awesome tips for muscle growth but first lets us confirm that we are on the same page. Now do you want to build muscles quickly and with the correct technique? If yes then you should start living like your life depends on your goal. Eat, lift act and live by your goal for muscle growth. In our opinion it is more difficult to lose weight than muscle growth. It is because of the fact that there are a lot of restrictions when you are aiming for weight loss. Think about how farmers grow their crops, they plant the seed and then keep working on and watering it till the plant grows up and starts generating fruits. At any point if the plants are not growing do they give up? No they keep working and working hard to get it to a point where they can reap its fruits. There are times when your body fights back because it want to maintain itself the way it is used to for years but you are working to make it stronger harder and more beautiful so you should keep on working and break any of the resistance it puts in front of your muscle growth goals.

There are some fundamental tips that you need to consider for muscle growth.

Eat More:

The simple rule is that if you want to build muscles then you will need to intake more calories than you consume in a day. This way you will stimulate muscle growth. This doesn’t mean that you can eat any kind of food and go after processed foods that have a lot of calories but are very low on nutrition side. These foods include all kind of processed foods that include but are not limited to cupcakes, chocolate, pizza and burgers. Focus on eating whole foods to get more nutrition and the desired calories and stay away from processed food.

Carbohydrates are major energy source for the body and you should try to eat sufficient amount of carbohydrates to keep your body energetic and ready for the workout. If you are not getting enough energy for the workout then body will automatically tap into other sources to fulfill the deficiency of the energy which will hurt your muscle growth in the end and might result in muscle loss. So basically you have to eat enough to power your body for the exercise routines and choose to eat healthy whole foods that are good sources of energy and calories.

Less Cardio exercises:

If your goal is muscle growth then there is no point in doing extended amounts of cardio. Keep the cardio to a minimum for maximized muscle growth.  To keep yourself healthy and fit your should not skip cardio as it is very good for overall health and fitness but you will have to avoid overdoing it to affect your muscle growth. Doing cardio exercise with less intensity is another way to do it right when aiming for muscle growth.

Lift Heavy:

Intense and heavy lifting is the way to muscle growth.  To give your body a reason to grow you should always stress your body further than your previous workout. This is how your brain will naturally stimulate your body to grow better and stronger. Lifting heavy with wrong angles can get you in trouble and cause more loss than gain in the end. Listing more doesn’t mean you can compromise on posture and correct angles. Your body will grow bigger and better if you are lifting heavy with correct position as this is the most basic rule for muscle growth. Ronnie Coleman made this rule famous as he lifted heavy to make his body bigger. Lifting heavy doesn’t mean that you can lose your form and correct posture during the exercise lifting less weight with proper form is still better than lifting heavy with wrong form. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cutler made this rule famous as they lifted with proper form and didn’t compromise on form when they were lifting weights even if they had to lower the weights.

Proper Rest:

Sleep and rest are the most ignored factors when it comes to muscle growth. For muscle growth you should concentrate on short and intense workouts and that means less time in the gym.  Enjoy your post workout meal after a short and intense workout routine.  A minimum of seven hours of sleep should be given to the body to aid proper rest so don’t skip it. Majority of the fitness freaks fail to realize that muscle growth occurs in bed when you are sound asleep giving the body the much deserved rest and not by overdoing exercise it in the gym. The body provides the best spike in the growth hormone soon after falling asleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors in muscle growth so never skip it. After whole day activity and an intense gym workout your body deserves a good rest.